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What follows is the situation, in the first four to five years of production, drilling holes - ask anyone - to make it easier to change the strap. Now, there is a rare iteration of the late U series, with the name "T-Swiss" but with LumiNova filled numbers. These are called "Tritinova" dials in some circles. There are rumors that despite discontinuing the use of titanium, the Rolex replica uses LumiNova to fill the marked dials marked with "T < 25" because they have excess inventory for these dials. Who knows this is 100% true, but we know that such a variant does exist. As they often say, in the Old West, when legends become facts, print legends. In fact, all signs indicate that Fake Rolex's manufacturing illusion has led to this rare and unique dial variant.

E-T series Replica Watches use a single oyster clasp and then switch to a flip lock (around 1996). The flip locks on non-dive Rolex watches are different because they are smaller and because there is no diving extension, they still provide an extra level of protection.

Please note that the C series "T-Swiss" dial variant was produced around 1992. This is especially interesting because although there are production records for this variant, these are the most difficult serial ranges to find in the entire 14270 line. If you happen to come across a C-Series Explorer, consider yourself very lucky. Because they were often sold on the Replica Watches UK shop.

Now, we come to what is called the transition model in the 14270 Saga. Many people in the Rolex Replica Watches world recognize that dial with the name "Swiss" usually means a service dial. In this case, the "Swiss Only" dial represents the transition from using titanium to LumiNova. Of course, there may be a bit of crossover between this variant and the aforementioned "Tritinova" model, but this is the case in the Rolex myth. The "Swiss Only" model has the shortest running time of all 14270 iterations, which can be found in you and some A series models. It officially marks the end of the titanium dial detector and the transition to non-radioactive Luminova.